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The tropes are decidedly familiar—young love, attractive couple, an idyllic picnic on the grass. This is the stuff that Hollywood has told us is true—the saccharine syrup that has made up the montages of many a Katherine Heigl movie. Then, reality sets in. And, in that exploration, he leaves a lot of confused and hurt partners of both genders in his wake. Admittedly, as a straight male, most LGBT shorts tend to keep me at a bit of a distance—often times these coming of age tales are hard for me to relate to.

The Most Anthologized Short Stories of All Time

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Terminator: Dark Fate finally admitted the biggest secret of the entire Terminator franchise: that John Connor isn't the real hero; Sarah is. It writes off a good portion of the films in the series while making a few much needed retcons in the name of continuity. None appear more controversial to die-hard fans than the changes made to John Connor and his relevancy to the story, which for this film were tossed by the wayside.
As for James , in what has been a very strong lineup over these 10 days, I do believe this film is my favorite. This film was his graduate project, and I almost feel bad for him because he hits a home-run right out of the chute. In documenting a universal experience among gays and lesbians, he discovers a new angle, crafting a story that is of course personal and local, but also challenges all viewers, not just those who are queer, with questions regarding teachers and students, that resonate in our culture.

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