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These powerful quotes about Christianity and God will uplift your spirits. God is a source of inspiration and hope for people of faith. Reading this collection of Christian quotes about the power of religion will motivate you to live your best life. Open your heart and mind to these enlightening words and let the love of Christ uplift your spirit. These Christian values and words of wisdom will help you reach your full potential. The path to success is possible when you live a life of grace and devotion.

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Because when I go, I will send the Holy Spirit to you. In the early church, Christians, through the Spirit, walked in love and charity and cared for one another. That kind of life amazed people around them. Praise God that we can be like Jesus every day. By letting His Spirit have control over our lives. Anyone who is dealing with doubts or feeling like a failure should not despair and think they might lose their salvation.

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Turn to Him, by letting Him renew you, and don't rush a single thing! Let Him prepare your heart, and your future husband's heart, too. STOP TEXTING HIM When it comes to that guy who has been going back and forth and leading you on forever, if it's been weeks, months, years and he hasn't made an effort to change his ways and step up to the plate and pursue you in a godly way, it's time to step away. This doesn't mean he is a horrible person, he is just not ready, and you can't give your heart away to him hoping he will be ready someday.
The beginning of any new relationship is always exciting. But, are you asking the right questions? Are you really getting to know them the best way possible?

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